Clean foods guidelines.

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Choose Clean foods that are closest to their natural for by comparing before and after processing. Significantly processed foods should be avoided. For example, choosing whole apples instead of apple juice. Chicken breast instead of battered chicken and fresh vegetables instead of crispy vegetables. Choose Clean foods that are cooked by baking or grilling. Use good fats, such as olive oil and use less sugar and salt.

Increase your intake of refined grains. 

It retains high nutritional values ​​such as whole wheat bread, less refined rice, oats, barley and avoids white bread or white rice. That have less nutritional value after processing. The piece suggests that eating whole grains can lower your risk of heart disease. Type 2 diabetes and colon cancer UFABET

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Some say clean eating should only be fresh fruits and vegetables. Others say that frozen or canned fruits and vegetables However, read nutrition labels to make sure they don’t contain too much sugar or salt. Compare and select products with the least amount of such ingredients. Also, choose whole fruit instead of fruit juice. Because it will get more sugar and less fiber.

Drink enough water Choose 6 ‒ 8 glasses of low-calorie beverages.

Such as water or herbal teas. Instead of fruit juices or high-sugar drinks. Because in addition to being good for your health, it also helps you feel fuller and more energetic. or if wanting to drink some flavorful drinks Try slicing a lemon or using a small bunch of mint leaves to add to the water to help freshen up.

May choose crops.

That are grown organically or organically. which is grown using natural insect repellents instead of chemicals. But if it’s difficult to buy or not confident that the vegetables and fruits that you buy are free from toxic substances. There are ways to avoid this by trying to choose fruits and vegetables that can be peeled, such as avocados, onions, corn, etc.