Exercise properly.

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Any form of exercise can build strength for the body . It has a positive effect on the functioning of many body systems. Including the heart, blood circulation. Including the immune system By exercising may increase the distribution of white blood cells and antibodies or immune substances in the body. When the white blood cell distribution increases. It may help to find the infection faster and show symptoms sooner. Therefore, it may be treated promptly. In addition, it is also believed that an increase in body temperature. While exercising may help prevent the growth of pathogens within the body. Similar to the mechanism of the body when having a fever. But these beliefs are only unconclusive theories of the relationship between exercise and disease prevention.

In addition, exercise Especially cardio will help control weight and burn excess fat that may be the cause of illness. including a weakened immune system. UFABET Because of the results of research indicating that hyperlipidemia contributes to immune dysfunction and inflammation in the body. which people with congenital disease such as heart disease, obesity, insulin resistance. Autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases that cause inflammation like COVID-19. It can be more severe if there is too much fat.

Therefore, exercise may help the body to be stronger and more resistant to disease. So we should exercise regularly. It may start with activities that you can do yourself at home, such as running on a treadmill, yoga, weight training, bodyweight training. Or exercise according to videos in online media. But it’s important to exercise properly and not overdo it to prevent injury.