Organs that are damaged by alcohol.

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Any type of alcohol, liquor, wine, whiskey or beer, just a glass or two. Whether it’s meritorious work or sinful work. Who thinks it’s okay to drink a little bit socially or drink so hard that you go home drunk every day. Is actually harming our internal systems little by little. Moreover, it also hurts others.

The liver is the first organ. which most people know well that drink a lot of alcohol Then it will be cirrhosis. Because the liver takes over from the intestines to break down a little bit of alcohol, is the liver enough to do its job? But if it’s too much The liver will begin to swell. There is fat inserted into the cells of the liver. And as the days passed, he still did not stop drinking heavily. It will eventually become liver cirrhosis UFABET

The liver and pancreas are different organs. When drinking a lot Alcohol stimulates the pancreas to release more gastric juices. This causes the pancreas to become inflamed. Until severe abdominal pain, high fever, and in some cases, it can be life threatening as well.

Alcohol damages the stomach lining. This is because the stomach is stimulated to produce more gastric juice. Until causing stomach inflammation Stomach ulcer have stomach pain Or if it is severe, it may vomit blood.

Alcohol causes the heart to function improperly. The heartbeat quickens. The heart contracts more. Including the work of the heart muscle that is not effective May result in symptoms of an enlarged heart.

Blood vessels 
Alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate. and increases the fat in the blood vessels Blood vessels will harden easily. And result in cerebral hemorrhage easily as well