Manchester United manager complains that Copenhagen’s goal

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Manchester United manager complains. That Copenhagen’s goal was too shallow and must have offside.

Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag complaine. That Copenhagen’s 1-2 goal had a local player clearly offside.

Manchester United manager Eric ten Hag shakes his head at the performance. Of referee Donatas Rumsas from Lithuania and the VAR team. Saying he was extremely annoye. Especially with Copenhagen ‘s shallow 1-2 goal with the local players clearly standing offside. Not including Marcus Rashford ‘s red card , which already caught the eyes of fans.

Rashford was off with red card for teasing Elias Yelert in the 42nd minute. Manchester United, who were leading 2-0. Were tied 2-2 before the end of the first half. Until finally losing 3-4 and remaining at the bottom of Group A.

Dutch manager of the Red Devils Pointing out Mohamed Elyounoussi’s 1-2 goal in the 45th minute that it shouldn’t have been a goal. When it discover that there was a Copenhagen player standing outside the defender line.

“You could see there was someone standing in front of Onana in an offside position. For Copenhagen’s first goal”

“Not just tonight. We have to deal with many decisions that are not in our favor. in many games”

As for Rashford’s red card, Ten Hag said: “The referee took a long time to decide it was a red card.”

“The game wasn’t for anything like this. It shouldn’t be part of football.”

“A decision has made. I can accept that. There were at least three moments where the decision was difficult.”

“I choose to look at the positive side. Even when we were down to 10 men, we controlled the game for the most part.” Told ยูฟ่าเบท