Jarrell Quansah, a surprise product from Liverpool academy

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Jarrell Quansah, a surprise product from Liverpool academy.

Jarrell Quansah, Liverpool’s young defender, has become part of Jurgen Klopp’s team. This season and he is starting to play an increasingly important role, possibly replacing older players. possible in the near future.

To this day, Jarrell Quansah’s name has become one of Liverpool ‘s young players to watch after being promoted by Jurgen Klopp to become involved. Participate in the Premier League this season

The German boss believes the 20-year-old has “everything” that a good defender should have. After he was able to break through and occupy a place in the first team and impress the coaches.

With Virgil van Dijk having a fever and not traveling with the team for the Europa League game away to Toulouse tonight, the chance of us seeing Quansah in the starting XI is wide open. which Klopp came out to interview in the pre-game press conference

“If you had told me before the pre-season that He could good player. 

I would probably feel quite surprised. But since then I see him every day and am not at all surprised. Because he has shown how good. He is and how good from the first day he trained with the team.”

“It’s great that we have kids coming through the academy with potential and quality. We will see what he will be like in the end. But it seems to be a really good trend.”

“He is doing great and is very cool. He controlled the ball well. Enters the ball aggressively. It has everything you need. And there are many things that can develop as well.”

Quansah is becoming a highlight for Liverpool this season. He has been with the club since the age of five and, as Klopp said, it is very special to have a youngster from the academy step up. Come join the big team

The 20-year-old’s potential is immense. This he showed in the Carabao Cup match, defeating Bournemouth 2-1, where he was able to outsmart almost every opposition striker with his speed, composure and accurate passing in the style of a modern centre-back.

Quansah has had the opportunity to play for Liverpool this season, making 7 assists, starting in 4 matches, divided into 1 match each in the Premier League and Europa League, and the rest. It is playing in the Carabao Cup battle.

He also has personal statistics which are quite interesting. (According to the ทางเข้า ufabet such as pass completion at 91.8%, winning aerial duels 0.7 times, tackling on average 0.9 times, stealing the ball 1.3 times, clearing the ball 2.6 times, blocking shots 0.3 times, and having an average ability score. at 6.78 points